The digital revolution changes everything and everyone is affected.

My name is Linda, I’m a social entrepreneur, public speaker and the mother of two. I spend a large part of my time giving talks, helping people and organizations find their own strategy in a rapidly changing world and constantly pondering questions around our society, future and how technology affects and forms us as humans. I have a background in computer science, education and business, with extensive experience from training, research and project management. In addition to my company and my research I have founded and run the nonprofit Make It Finland rf, with the mission to provide digital competence for all.

If you want a 16 minute quick explanation for why I do the things I do, you can have a look at my TEDx talk below.

What can I do for you or your organisation? 


Columns and articles



My lectures and courses

In addition to f2f-events, I arrange courses. lectures and workshops online on different topics (some exempels below). Just as in my f2f-courses, interaction and added value are important to me, and I focus on these also in online-meetings. I tailor courses and lectures according to your and your organisation’s needs. 

Digifun for kids

I organize extracurricular activities, workshops, courses and camps both f2f and online for kids and youth. The focus is on creativity, programming and problem solving, with the goal of empowering youngsters to become responsible consumers and active producers of technology.

My not-so-regularly updated blog

These days, I mostly write down my thoughts on social media, but every now and then I end up posting on my blog as well (in Swedish though). You can also find my older blog posts here.

I november 2018 fördes en debatt kring en opublicerad studie som lyftes […]
Att lära sig programmera tar tid. Att lära sig undervisa programmering tar […]
I söndags publicerade Helsingin Sanomat och därefter även Svenska YLE en artikel med rubriken: […]


Are you looking for an inspiring public speaker or trainer? Are you in need of someone who can lead and implement change or digitalisation projects in your school, municipality or organisation? Do you lack a digital vision and strategy? Does your organisation need help with tasks related to research, surveys or evaluation tasks?

Drop me a line and we’ll discuss how I can help you out!
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